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One hundred thousand dollars for the proof of time dilation in the field of gravity according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

The Institute of Special Scientific investigations declared and has being supporting the largest private scientific challenge  (competition) in fundamental physics, with the prize fund of $ 100,000.  This scientific competition is approved by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin:

To get the prize, it is required to present the proof, at least one scientific publication made by any scientific team, which contains actual data on the results of a comparative analysis of the values ​​of the radiation frequency of an atom at different gravitational potentials in such a way that this comparison confirms a decrease in the frequency of radiation of an atom in a gravitational field (as postulated by the General Theory of Relativity). All persons are invited to the competition without any restrictions.

General Theory of Relativity (GTR) postulates the gravitational time dilation.

Very important point is that the GTR states that energy of a photon and frequency of a photon do not change during the motion of a photon in the gravitational field.

The problem is that there is no experimental data proving that the photon’s energy and the photon's frequency are not changed during the motion of the photon in the field of gravity.

Gravitational time dilation is not scientifically verified – there is no direct physical evidence of gravitational time dilation.

The equivalence principle, the red shift effect, the Pound–Rebka experiment, the measurements of relativistic effects by GPS, the Shapiro Time Delay Effect, the Hafele-Keating experiment, the modern researches of Chou-Hume-Rosenband-Wineland, Poli-Oates-Gill-Tino etc. –  do not prove gravitational time dilation because of several very important scientific reasons.

Energy of a photon and frequency of a photon might be changed during the motion of a photon in the gravitational field. In this case the gravitational time dilation is false and the gravitational time acceleration is true.

$ 100 000 prize will be paid to any expert if this expert proves the gravitational time dilation (according to the GTR).

There is an interesting hypothesis that gravitational time acceleration is true. The hypothesis of the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin: an atomic frequency (atomic oscillation frequency) is increased in a gravitational field - time goes faster in the field of gravity and the value of Planck’s constant decreases with the increase of the absolute value of the gravitational potential. According to the Effect of Soloshenko-Yanchilin the gravitational time acceleration means that the rate of time is higher near a large mass.

What is the relationship between time and gravity?

Our team offered the project Time Tower. The mission of the project Time Tower is to give the final and 100% scientifically verified answer to this question. The idea of the experiment is to carry out the comparison of the clocks readings of two high precision atomic clocks functioning synchronously at different heights (on the top and the ground floors of a tower or a skyscraper).

The duration of the competition is not limited.

Take part in the competition and get the prize with your brain!