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The introduction of distance learning is a global trend.

To one degree or another, most universities and colleges in Russia, as well as corporate centers with regional branches, already use this training format for training, learning and education.

However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, either video conferencing programs (Skype, Zoom and others) or distance learning systems such as Moodle are used (Edmodo, Google Classroom, iSpring Learn and their counterparts). The combination of these free and paid programs has at least three serious disadvantages:

- there is no option in the format of distance learning to preserve a full-fledged educational process in schools and universities;

- data security is not ensured;

- copyright protection of intellectual property is not provided.

Taking these circumstances into account, our team has developed and successfully implemented an advanced distance learning platform for Northwestern Technical University.

The platform allows you to support a full-fledged educational process, including the interaction of teachers and students, as well as organize its centralized control.

Our platform is a streamlined technology of distance education with feedback, hands-on, laboratory work and exams in an online format that minimizes the risk of cheating and other dishonest techniques in exams.

This solution is a full-fledged replacement for face-to-face training in many disciplines.

An important circumstance is the ability to modify the platform in a short time, add or remove sections and functions, depending on the specifics of the educational institution and the requirements.

We are ready to provide methodological and technical support for the platform on the basis of a single call center and train teachers. The presence of such a system in an educational institution/structure will become one of the key conditions for its competitiveness, and will become an indicator that it is developing in accordance with modern trends and technologies.

Brief presentation:

Please contact us, we will answer all questions with deep knowledge and we will prepare an offer of software solution adapted directly to the tasks of your educational structure.